Do you have symptoms that could be caused by a low functioning thyroid? Although this is not meant to be the only tool for diagnosis it can be helpful to determine if you have an issue with your thyroid gland.

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Weight loss is difficult


Hair loss


Hands and feet are cold


Fatigue, despite getting enough sleep


Constipation or difficult to pass stool


Lack of memory


Dry, coarse skin


Eyebrow or eyelash hair loss


White hair on head or face


Lack of concentration


Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness




Heavy or irregular bleeding during menstrual periods


Low body temperature


Painful or stiff joints


Low heart rate


Unexplained weight gain


Foggy memory


Brittle fingernails


Elevated blood cholesterol levels


Voice is lower or more hoarse than normal


Face is bloated or puffy


Sleep is disturbed


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