Welcome to Nest Integrative Medicine Spa!

flowerNest is a new concept in health and medicine. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between healing and nurturing with services that span the spectrum from traditional western medicine to more preventative, anti-aging treatments.

Nest is a place where you may come to have your annual physical, strengthen your immune system to prevent the flu, balance your hormones, optimize weight, detoxify your system, increase energy, rejuvenate your skin and prevent chronic disease.

Beautiful skin comes from deep within and with our new 7-day Detox Program, you’ll not
only feel renewed on the inside, you’ll have people wondering why your skin is glowing.
We’ve partnered with SALT to bring you the most gentle, yet comprehensive, cleansing
program to Reset, Rebalance, and Recharge your body inside and out. Some would say
that “beauty is only skin deep” but we know better! Call today to find out more about becoming a more healthy, balanced YOU.

Dr.’s Kristi Wrightson, Mindy Beck and John Paulus, along with their staff of professionals, are committed to you in achieving your most optimal health. We have many specialized programs that will allow you to obtain your balance of wellness. Some of our many services include:

  • Women’s health and hormones
  • Complex illness diagnosis
  • Therapeutic massage (including lymphatic massage)
  • Medically-supervised Detox programs
  • Body contouring
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • IV nutrition therapy